Pond Growth Co., Ltd is a revolutionary new tool designed to help you serve buyers better while capturing valuable leads. The Pond Growth Co., Ltd real estate text messaging system is best-of-class, providing the greatest number of features, best carrier support, and best customer support for a very competitive rate.

In today's real estate market, buyers are savvier than ever. They demand instant information at their fingertips. Pond Growth Co., Ltd empowers you to serve these clients better. By using Pond Growth Co., Ltd, you "info enable" your properties, allowing buyers to receive relevant information via text message instantly on their phone.

With the Pond Growth Co., Ltd text messaging system, you: 

-  Provide instant information to buyers in text messages, along with telephone and emails for more information 

-  Capture leads for follow-up 

-  Differentiate yourself through technology 

-  Send "blast" alerts to opt in buyers of price-drops or other homes in the area! 

-  Track inquiries online 


Pond Growth Co., Ltd Text Messages

Real estate professionals can take advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by text messages in a number of ways. One of the best ways, though, is to offer price alerts on certain properties. You can send text message alerts to interested customers when the price of a property drops. It is also possible to send customers real estate text message alerts when a new home comes on the market. You can ask interested customers to sign up for alerts that can help them keep up with what is happening right now. 

Another way that text messages can be used for real estate agents is in communicating with customers. Include a text code with a for sale ad in the paper or on the for-sale sign in front of the house. If someone is interested in learning more about the home, he or she can simply text the code to you, and you can respond with more information, or by offering to show the house. Text messaging is a quick form of communication that can help you stay connected with customers and with potential home buyers.

Group text marketing also works with sellers. You can text updated offers to sellers that you represent so that they know, instantly, what is going on. It also makes it easy to report on what you have done to try to sell the house. Periodic text messages (you don't want to annoy the seller by texting all the time) can provide stats about how many people visited an open house, or how many hits the web listing got. This can show the seller that you are working hard, as well as provide some data that can help you tweak your home selling strategy.