1. COMPANY ​​​ PROFILE           

Samret Sophat (Mr.) completed university in ADE, BBA,MBA, DBA presently and was the school director since 1996 and became the branch manager in real estate company in year 2007, by knowing that, real estate is the key in business, in year 2009, started to update to do the own business from that time as small business (SB). The business was the fastest growing day by day in the field of real estate. In term of its growing fast and satisfy the customers need. He was the strongest leadership skill, intelligence man with strong charitable and most leadership style, known as Sophat, Founder of Pond Growth. ,Co Ltd         

The fastest growing day by day SB is the strong competition in market position, in year 2011; SB has changed from small business to Company. The company took the name as Pond Growth (PG), publicly known as the first choice of real estate that provide the best property for local and international in Cambodia.          

2. VISION          

  • Pond Growth Company is going to meet the customer need to recognize as real estate standard 

3. Goal   

  • Support customer who willing to buy or rent properties with standard document    

4. MISSION         

  • Pond Growth Company is aim to search the real properties and documents for local and international customers.

Company License  

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